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Be Secure Online

We cannot afford to take chances on our children’s safety - especially on the Internet! Parents are on the front lines trying to protect their children against Internet threats.
Therefore …

Bsecure is an Internet safety product that we seriously recommend to all concerned families:

  • Bsecure is a widely endorsed web based Internet filter that blocks pornography and inappropriate material on the Web. (formerly BeSafeOnline)
  • Bsecure blocks the bad sites and inappropriate content from even accidentally popping up.
  • Bsecure will give parents a weekly email detailing all the sites their kids visited or even tried to visit on the computer.
  • Bsecure will monitor your child’s Instant Messaging sessions.
  • Bsecure will allow you to even use the time of day settings to make sure your children are not on the computer when you don’t want them to be. You can control Internet access by time of day.
  • Bsecure really puts parents in control of what their children can and cannot see, and when.

It is easy to safeguard your family with the Bsecure family filter, and if you do it before the end of March, 2010 you will even save 20%! Just click here (or click on the icon above) and purchase your copy for immediate download! (30-day money back guarantee) Use the promo code CCS to get your discount.

Vital Internet Facts 

Why should every Internet connection be protected? How serious is the problem of Internet pornography?

 1. 25 million Americans visit cyber-sex sites between 1-10 hours each week, and another 4.7 million more than 11 hours each week. (MSNBC/Stanford/Duquesne Study, Washington Times 1/26/00)

2. 9 out of 10 children between eight years old and 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet. In most cases, the sex sites were accessed unintentionally when a child, often in the process of doing homework, used a seemingly innocent sounding word to search for information or pictures. (London School of Economics, January 2002)

3. 37% of Pastors say they currently struggle with pornography. (“Christianity Today” Leadership Survey, December 2001)

4. 63% of men attending the “Men, Romance & Integrity Seminars” admit to struggling with pornography in the past year. Two thirds of these are in church leadership positions, and 10% are pastors. (Focus on the Family Pastor’s Family Bulletin, March 2000)

5. 1 in 7 calls to Focus’ Pastoral Care Line is about Internet pornography. (Focus on the Family Pastor’s Family Bulletin, March 2000)

6. AFA Chairman Don Wildman says, “Pornography use and the sickness it causes is growing in prevalence because of its unhindered availability on the Internet. It must be recognized as the major threat it is to this country.”


Facts about the pornography industry

1. Over $10-Billion are spent annually on pornography.

2. The industry is larger than the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball combined.

3. There are over two million known pornography site URL’s.

4. More than 2,500 new sites come on line every week.

5. Pornography is obscenity, not “free speech,” and has never been protected by the Supreme Court.

6. Internet pornography is hard to punish legally because most sites are temporary and hard to find.

7. Most of it originates offshore, not covered by US law.

8. Unimaginable things that most people would not even remotely consider to be sexy are routinely available on the Internet.

Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

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