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We use the best curriculum available to provide a well-balanced Christ-centered program of instruction in all grades. A-Beka and Bob Jones are used for most core subjects. The Orton-Gillingham based Reading Horizons Discovery system is used for K5-3rd grade reading instruction, and the RH Elevate system is used for 4-12th grade reading intervention. Edgenuity and Ignitia online programs are used in a blended learning environment for 6-12th math and 8-12th history and electives.

Pre-School thru K4

The PS1-K4 programs are designed to prepare students for five-year-old kindergarten. Four-year-olds learn basic skills that will be continued in the five-year-old program.  Students receive knowledge and develop skills in Bible, Numbers, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Music Appreciation, Social Studies, Science and Art. The Bible is taught every day, and a regular chapel program emphasizes personal salvation, patriotism, Bible knowledge, character development, etc.

Elementary (K5 – 5th)

K5-5th grades are designed to impart knowledge and develop skills in Bible, English, spelling, reading, math, science, history, poetry, penmanship, physical education, computer and library skills, and fine arts. Our reading program is based on the Reading Horizons Orton-Gilligham phonics-based system, the Bible is taught every day, and a regular chapel program emphasizes personal salvation, patriotism, Bible knowledge, character development, etc.

Middle & High School

Life in middle school (6-8th) and high school (9-12th) is carefully designed and managed at CCS to insure maximum development of all academic, social, spiritual, and physical skills necessary for success in life and vocational endeavors. In middle and high school the spirit is sweet, academics are excellent, the environment is safe, the teachers are loving, students learn and have fun, and the Lord is honored!

Four courses of senior high study are available that lead to the following diplomas:

  • College Prep with Honors: College prep track student completing at least 7 honors classes from 9-12 grades maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • College Prep Diploma: Satisfies the strict University of North Carolina requirements.
  • General Diploma: Satisfies requirements for entrance into Christian or community colleges.
  • Exceptional Track Diploma: For students with certain disabilities. May satisfy requirements for provisional entrance into some fields of study in community colleges.

Accelerated Math Program: Capable students will be invited to shift to an accelerated math track at the beginning of each year in 6-10th grades. The goal for this track is to provide our students with the highest level of math possible, including AP Calculus in 12th grade.

Honors Classes: Honors classes offer the highest level of academic challenge in designated classes to provide the best college preparation. Students desiring this more challenging course of study will be invited to shift to an academically more rigorous "Honors Option" in any approved 9-12th grade subject. (English, Biology, Chemistry, Science & Origins, US History, World History, Gov’t/Economics, World Views, Spanish, HS Math 2, HS Math 3, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and Physics)

MS/HS Math: To best meet the needs of ALL Middle & High School students, 6-12th grade math is taught using a blended learning strategy. Calvary students benefit from the strengths of a qualified math teacher and the flexibility of the Edgenuity online math curriculum. This blended learning approach to math provides our students with 24/7 instructional support to help struggling students master difficult concepts. It also provides the opportunity for more capable and motivated students to accelerate beyond their normal grade level and prepare them for higher level HS math courses (Statistics, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, etc.).

8-12th Social Studies: A growing number of states and school districts are making online coursework a requirement for high school graduation to prepare students for the 21st century career and college learning environment. In keeping with this national trend, our students take four online “social studies” courses in a blended learning environment using “Ignitia”, an online learning management system built exclusively for Christian schools.

Electives: Elective courses can be taken during or after school or during the summer.

Many online electives are available through our Edgenuity and Ignitia online providers, including CTE and STEM classes. (CTE = Career & Technical Education; STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Advanced Discipleship Classes:  “Worldviews” & “Science & Origins” are full-credit required HS courses that train our juniors and seniors to use science, logic, and Biblical apologetics to stand for Christ in a culture that is  hostile to our faith. (CLICK HERE for details about these two classes.)

American Christian Honor Society: Eligible students are inducted into the CCS chapter of the ACHS in the spring of their sophomore year on the basis of Christian testimony, scholarship, character, service, and leadership.


After-school help classes (free) are available and private tutoring (paid) is offered as recommended by the child’s teacher or the administration. 

Reading Intervention for struggling readers in 4-12th grades is provided using the Orton-Gillingham phonics-based Reading Horizons Elevate program. RH uses assessment-driven instruction to help students steadily improve their reading skills. RH systematically assesses student performance and provides instruction in the specific areas that are preventing a student from experiencing reading success.

NILD Educational Therapy is available for qualified 4-12th grade students who struggle in school. NILD is a 3-5 year therapy program of research-based techniques designed to improve a child's ability to learn. NILD educational therapy targets the underlying causes of learning difficulties rather than simply treating symptoms. The goal is to help students develop the tools needed for independent learning in the classroom and in life.

See the handbook for more details. (CLICK HERE)

Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

Christ-centered, academically challenging,

and college preparatory ministry that

seeks to lead children to Christ,

build them up in their Christian faith,

and equip them to serve the Lord for life.

Sid Main - Principal