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Our Safety


No one is permitted into any school building without authorization from the office. All exterior doors to all buildings are kept locked at all times except during regular drop-off and dismissal and class change times.

Teachers and other authorized personnel have electronic “key fobs” that allows them access to the gym.

Any visitor wishing to enter during school hours who does not have a “key fob” should press the buzzer at the front door and stand in front of the camera to be identified by office personnel. The door will be electronically unlocked for the guest to enter. The visitor must then report to the school office. Non-authorized, non-staff or non-student people are not permitted in any school building at any time.  

Critical incident pull stations with live 24/7 monitoring are located throughout the property. If a faculty member observes a threat unfolding and pulls the alarm, the school will go into immediate lock-down and the police will automatically be notified of the emergency.

All teachers carry security radios during school hours to provide instant communication with the office and security personnel should an emergency situation arise.

Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation

We do everything we can to provide a safe, socially healthy, and sound educational setting for all students, in an environment where students can learn and enjoy extra-curricular activities free from fear. We will not tolerate bullying, harassment or intimidation in any form. 

Because all people (even children) are sinners, we cannot guarantee that intimidating behavior will never occur. However, to deter and prevent this harmful behavior on school property, on school vehicles, or at school-sponsored activities, we implement specific policies and procedures to provide education and correction in accordance with current anti-bullying strategies and Christian principles and in compliance with North Carolina Statute 115C-407.5.

As you investigate Calvary Christian School in King, you will discover many proofs that our goal really is excellence, for God’s glory and for the benefit of our students!

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Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

Christ-centered, academically challenging,

and college preparatory ministry that

seeks to lead children to Christ,

build them up in their Christian faith,

and equip them to serve the Lord for life.

Sid Main - Principal