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Calvary Christian School was founded in 1982 as a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, an independent, fundamental, local Baptist church in King, NC.  As an integral part of the church, the school subscribes without exception to the church Statement of Faith. The same truths preached from the Calvary Baptist Church pulpit are taught in the school classrooms and preached in its chapels.

We believe that a childís education cannot honor God unless every detail of his education is presented in the light of Godís Word, the Bible. All CCS programs are therefore based on the authority of Godís Word, emphasize the fundamentals of the Christian faith, utilize a Bible-centered approach, and employ only born-again believers in Jesus Christ. We seek to train students in all areas, spiritual, mental, physical, and social. We further seek to promote Christ-likeness, separation from the world, and allegiance to Biblical truth.

Our goal is to minister to the needs of the whole child, training Christian young people in the highest principles of Christian behavior, morality, leadership, academic studies, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship.

We stand without apology for the old-time Gospel and the eternal truths of Godís Word. We believe that the Bible provides the necessary foundation for every subject taught in the classroom. We train children to serve the Lord while providing them with an excellent education.

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Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

Christ-centered, academically challenging,

and college preparatory ministry that

seeks to lead children to Christ,

build them up in their Christian faith,

and equip them to serve the Lord for life.

Sid Main - Principal