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Worldviews; Science & Origins


Worldviews & Science & Origins, advanced discipleship classes at CCS, demonstrate that our mission really is producing spiritually minded graduates who will influence others for Christ for a lifetime.


The modern Christian is constantly bombarded from every direction with ideas, worldviews, and opinions. More than ever before, much of what we hear and read is hostile toward Christian values and beliefs, yet oftentimes we are not even aware of the conflict. How can we tell which worldviews are TRUE (biblically), and which aren’t? How can we understand the times in which we live? Calvary Christian School guides students through the confusion with a required class we call Worldviews.

Generally speaking, Christian young people are not prepared to face the Secular Humanist, Marxist/Leninist, New Age, Postmodernist, and Islamic influences in our culture. For students to become discerning and able to impact others for Christ, they must clearly understand the Biblical Christian worldview and how it compares to competing worldviews that dominate society today.

The Worldviews class utilizes the Foundations of Living online curriculum from Ignitia to train our 11th & 12th grade students in Biblical thinking, strengthen their faith and train them to use Biblical truth to expose the false worldviews of our day.

Throughout the course, students will build the skills and knowledge needed to help them to:

    • Understand the unique identity of the Christian worldview.

    • Observe how all truth fits perfectly together into the Christian worldview. (Science, History, Politics, Sociology, Ethics & Morality, etc.).

    • Discern the difference between Christian and non-Christian worldviews.

    • Think and live with discernment and conviction.

    • Recognize how the world’s past philosophies affect thinking and living today.

    • Evaluate any issue from a worldview perspective that is consistent with biblical truth.

In 1 Chronicles 12:32, the tiny tribe of Issachar was granted an important position of leadership in Israel because it “had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.” Our mission as a Christian school includes preparing our students to understand the times and to know what they and their country ought to do.


Science & Origins is a special required class at CCS that exposes students to the great Creationism defenders of our day (Henry Morris, Duane Gish, Ken Ham, etc.). Through a carefully compiled series of lectures, videos, textbooks, required reading, discussions, and projects, students study and learn to stand for truth regarding the creation vs. evolution issue.  Students memorize relevant Scripture and scientific answers to commonly asked questions related to origins.  At CCS, Science & Origins equips students to defend their faith, enabling them to “give an answer to every man…of the hope that is in them.”

Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

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Sid Main - Principal