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Tuition & Fees

Detailed tuition information

 2018/19 Calvary Christian School Tuition & Fees

K/5:  Full Day (8am - 3pm)$263.50 a month $2,635 a year

K/5: Half Day (8am - 12pm)$172.50 a month$1,725 a year

Grades 1 - 6$282.50 a month$2,825 a year

Grades 7 - 8$297.50 a month$2, 975 a year

Grades 9 - 12$307.50 a month$3,075 a year

School Fees -

Registration:  $60

Matriculation:  $90

Textbooks:  Varies by grade level

Early/Late Stay: $3.00 / hour / child

Activity/lab fees:  See "Financial Policies" 


-   School Early Registration: K5-12th grade students who enroll in February for the coming year will receive a 50% registration fee discount.

-  Multiple children enrolled: PK4-12th grade families with more than one child enrolled will receive the following tuition discounts: 10% for 2 children enrolled, 15% for 3 children enrolled, 20% for 4 children enrolled, and any children enrolled beyond the 4th will attend tuition free.

-  Active Church Member Discount: A 12% tuition discount (PK4-12th) is available to actively involved, tithing members of Calvary Baptist Church in King. (approved application required – inquire in office)


-  The Registration Fee (PS2-12th gr) tentatively holds a child’s place for the coming year.

-  The Ins/ICS Fee (PS2-PK4) covers student accident insurance and the SchoolCast Instant Communication System.

-  The Matriculation Fee for K5-12th grade covers the purchase of a yearbook, national and state association fees, student accident insurance, IOWA achievement testing, the SchoolCast Instant Communication System, Piedmont Security monitoring service, records maintenance, etc.

-   Early/Late Stay Hours ($3/hr/child charged): o K5 Erly/Lt Sty: 6-8 am and 3-6 pm o 1 st -12th gr Erly/Lt Sty: 7-8 am and 3-6 pm

-  Other financial information: Financial policies, payment plan options, and other financial details are explained in the “Financial Policies” document.

Calvary Christian School is a Bible-based,

Christ-centered, academically challenging,

and college preparatory ministry that

seeks to lead children to Christ,

build them up in their Christian faith,

and equip them to serve the Lord for life.

Sid Main - Principal